Make a positive impact in the lives of youth and families who live in our community

At Spring Up Troy, we work to connect youth and families with resources that promote healthy lifestyles, strengthen developmental relationships, and set the stage for positive and thriving futures.

The Gateway To Montana

Spring Up Troy envisions a proactive and energized community committed to fostering relationships that champion healthy youth development through engaging and creative opportunities that inspire us all to do and be our best.

We're Better Together

We work collaboratively with amazing community partners to support and expand opportunities that serve and strengthen families - helping them raise healthy, happy, resilient kids capable of reaching their highest potential.

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Empowering Parents

We’re here to support you in your role as parent or caregiver. By providing  the space to ask questions and share experiences, we can learn together how to best support our kids.

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Creating Connections

Discover impactful programs, activities, and resources designed to serve and strengthen families, and expand opportunities for young people to explore their interests, discover their strengths, and grow into their best selves.

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Guiding Toward Growth

We all want what’s best for kids. Together, we can achieve a more vibrant community with stronger families, and healthier, happier, more resilient youth.

Limited Personal Potential

Without guidance and the ability to explore, young people may disengage and feel incapable of doing bigger and better things.  Lack of opportunities for safe and healthy fun can open the door to problem behaviors that detour plans, delay accomplishments, and make it more difficult for them to make their way.

Family Progress Slows

When families live in a state of just getting by, they miss opportunities to learn and grow together.

Youth Feel Disconnected

The community becomes fractured and disconnected when kids aren’t doing well and families can’t envision better things for themselves or their children.

Anything Becomes Possible

Kids have a variety of positive influences and are engaged in opportunities to explore their interests and discover who they are, and whom they can become.


Family Relationships Thrive

Parents and caregivers experience greater support and develop even stronger relationships with their children.

Kids Embrace Community

The community is thriving - united in its commitment to provide support, challenge growth, and expand possibilities for youth and families to connect, engage, and explore.

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Say Yes!

Whether you’re a caring individual or belong to an organization with the means to help, we look forward to connecting youth and families with the resources you have to offer!

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Get Involved

Perhaps you have a talent to share with young people or prefer to support those who serve and strengthen families. We are excited to partner with you to determine the best fit and work together to deliver programs, activities, and hope-filled experiences that get results. 

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Experience Change

Your impact will show up in meaningful ways: happy, healthy, and more resilient youth, stronger families, and more vibrant and engaged communities.

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