Meet the Spring Up Troy Team

We work to connect youth and families with helpful resources, amazing programs and meaningful activities that expand opportunities to learn and grow together.

Our Mission

To elevate the well-being of youth and families in our community.

Spring Up Troy envisions a proactive and energized community committed to fostering relationships that champion healthy youth development through engaging and creative opportunities that inspire us all to do and be our best.

Our Story

Spring Up Troy

Connecting community resources in ways that serve and strengthen families and expand opportunities for young people to explore their interests and discover who they are and who they can become.

Our Community

Youth Engagement Groups

Our community is filled with individuals, agencies, and organizations that care about kids and are committed to expanding opportunities for them to learn, grow and thrive.  By working together, we provide a variety of ways young people can connect and stay active and engaged.


Seven Core Principles

Our Seven Core Principles keep us connected to our organizational “why” – the true spirit and purpose of who we are, what we do, and how we do it.

Community Icon

Be Positive

We support, encourage, and inspire each other to see and grow the good in our community.

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Be Present

We honor the voice and experience of our youth and community and listen respectfully to concerns and ideas.

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Be Perceptive

We identify and correct misperceptions as a way to move ourselves and our community forward.

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Be Purposeful

We connect community resources in ways that support youth, strengthen families and expand opportunities to learn, grow, and thrive.

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Be Perfected

We strive to do and be our best - continually adapting and improving.

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Be Proactive

We anticipate potential challenges and work together to seek positive and creative solutions.

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Be Passionate

We enthusiastically support and celebrate youth, families and community.

Our Team

Vel Shaver

Lincoln County Unite for Youth Project Director

Maggie Anderson

Spring Up Project Coordinator, CTC Facilitator

Eric Myers

Spring Up Champion – Data and Assessment and Community Board Maintenance Work Groups

Faith Sector

Caitlin Glaese

Community Outreach and Youth Involvement Work Groups

Community Based Organization and Parent Sectors

Leslie Myers

Data and Assessment and Community Outreach/PR Work Groups

Faith and Mental Health Sectors

Terrie Lenhart

Community Outreach and PR Work Group Lead

Community Sector

Sharee Miller

Core Team – Community Outreach and Youth Involvement Work Groups

Community-Based Organization Sector

Lucy Orr

Youth Involvement Workgroup

Community-Based Organization and Parent Sectors

Carol Parsons

Core Team – Community Outreach Work Groups

Education Sector

Avis Winslow

Community Board Maintenance Work Group

Faith Sector

Katie Davis

 Core Team – Youth Involvement Work Group

Parent and Law Enforcement Sector

Trista Gilmore

Core Team –Community Outreach and PR

Health Care and Parent Sectors

Tyann Bender

Youth Involvement Work Group

Business and Parent Sectors

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